The Best Alternative to Disposable Plastic Razors

People who have been using disposable plastic razors may be reluctant to try shaving with anything else. However, this is a big mistake, because disposable razors just don’t cut muster. The best alternative to a disposable plastic razor is the safety razor, and here’s why.

Disposable Plastic Razors – The Lowdown

Disposable plastic razors are convenient for a quick shave. They can be bought for mere pennies, barely any cost at all really, they get taken out of the package, used once, maybe twice, then thrown in the rubbish bin. Yes, this is the epitome of mass consumerism, wastefulness, and laziness, to say the very least. Convenience may be a big benefit with a disposable plastic razor, but that’s about it.

However, there are many reasons why plastic disposable razors are just, well, bad, and the list of reasons is quite long.

Disposable plastic razors are terrible for the environment. At this point in time, the planet, as well as the human race as a whole, is facing a massive environmental catastrophe. Landfills are full to the brim, pollution is at an all-time high, and the world is literally burning around us. Constantly producing, buying, and throwing away disposable pieces of plastic is not doing the world any favors whatsoever.

Another reason why disposable plastic razors are not ideal is due to their cost. Although they technically do not cost much to purchase, like a pack of 10 can be purchased for a few pounds or less, this cost adds up over time. Consider that one of these razors can be used once, maybe twice, and then get thrown out. A normal person needs several packs of disposable razors per month. That money adds up fast, and it becomes very ineffective in terms of cost.

The other reason why the disposable plastic razor is not ideal is simply that they are not effective at what they are designed to do. These items are made with the cheapest materials possible, sometimes snapping in half when some pressure is applied. The blades are usually quite dull and uneven, resulting in a very imprecise and uneven shave, often accompanied by hair pulling, cuts, and a good deal of skin irritation.

Why Safety Razors are Superior

For all of the above reasons, disposable razors just don’t cut muster. They are actually very expensive over the long run, they are ridiculously wasteful, and they don’t even do a good job. For these reasons, it’s recommended that you stop buying disposable plastic razors.

This brings us to the point that safety razors are by far the best alternative to disposable plastic razors. There are many reasons why safety razors, such as the Bladesman Matte Black Double Edge Safety Razor, are simply the best in the business.

Safety razors are easy to use and do not require much practice. Yes, it might take a shave or two to get the technique down, but other than that, it’s a fairly simple operation. The guard on the head of the safety razor helps to prevent cuts. Although there is some technique involved, using a safety razor is much easier and safer than using a straight razor, for instance.

When it comes to getting a close and precise shave, an average safety razor is going to do a much better job than a disposable plastic razor. The blades are of much higher quality, they are sharper, and they last longer too. The superior blades allow you to get much closer to the skin, to get a precise shave (such as for creating straight lines or a fade), and they don’t create nearly as much skin irritation. Safety razors get closer to the skin, they don’t really irritate the skin, and precision is an important result.

Another reason why the safety razor is by far the best alternative is that it is not nearly as wasteful as a disposable razor. With a safety razor, it gets purchased, the blades get replaced every so often, and it lasts. If a safety razor is properly maintained, it can potentially last for decades. There is no exact number here, but just imagine the sheer number of disposable razors which do not end up in landfills and polluting the environment, simply because people are using safety razors that last for years. This is, of course, related to durability too, because safety razors are made out of strong metal, and the chances of them breaking are not very high.

The last point here is that safety razors end up being far more economical and cost-effective than disposable plastic razors. Sure, safety razors, especially the fancy-looking and high-quality ones, may cost a good deal of money upfront, but if treated right, you won’t need to buy another for years, maybe even decades. Yes, blades need replacing on occasion, but they are very cheap. In the long run, safety razors end up being far most cost-effective, which is a big deal indeed.

Why Not a Straight Razor?

People might be wondering why the safety razor, not the straight razor is the best alternative to the disposable plastic razor. It’s really quite simple. This is because while a straight razor does look super cool, and while it does provide a really close shave, it’s also very hard to use. Straight razors take a whole lot of practice to master, and it takes real effort not to end up with a face full of bloody cuts. For this reason, the straight razor is not the best alternative to the disposable plastic razor.

The Safety Razor Alternative – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there is really not a single good reason to use a disposable plastic razor. They are expensive in the long run, they aren’t durable, they are very wasteful, and they just don’t even do the job which they are intended for. Literally, in every way imaginable, the safety razor is by far the best alternative to these cheap and low-grade shaving utensils.