5 Reasons Why People are Switching to Double Edge Safety Razors

Now more than ever, people are switching from generic drugstore disposable and cartridge razors to safety razors. Why is this? Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. Price and Affordability

One of the biggest reasons why many people are switching from the supermarket cartridge razor to the safety razor has to do with a simple matter of cost. This is a very expensive world to live in, and it’s only getting more unaffordable by the day. It might be fair to assume that safety razors are much more expensive than cartridge razors, but when the facts are analyzed, it’s actually not the case at all. A cartridge razor will end up costing a good deal more than a safety razor, even a high-quality safety razor such as the Bladesman Matte Black Double Edge Safety Razor.

The reason for this is quite simple. The average supermarket or drugstore razor does not have a high upfront cost, with disposable razors being sold sometimes for on a price per pound basis. However, the long-term cost needs to be considered.

Cartridges can cost a ton of money, and disposable razors are only good for a single-use, maybe two shaves. While safety razors have a higher upfront cost, the blades last much longer and don’t need replacement nearly as often, plus the replacements are not that expensive. Simply put,  in the long run, a safety razor actually ends up being much more cost-effective.

The Environment

Another big reason why people are switching to safety razors is because of the environment. At this juncture, there is really no point in trying to deny that the planet and humans as a whole are in serious trouble. Simply put, the world is burning around us, quite literally at that. The climate is becoming an increasingly hot topic, with thousands of top-tier scientists agreeing that this planet is on the verge of an environmental catastrophe.

Although it may not seem like a huge deal, both disposable razors and cartridge razors are highly wasteful. They are made out of plastic, which in itself is bad for the environment, not to mention that they constantly get thrown in the trash, ending up in landfills where they never degrade. These kinds of razors are absolutely horrible for the environment.

However, safety razors are a bit different, much more eco-friendly. For one, they are made out of metal, not plastic, and second, unlike a disposable or cartridge razor, safety razors can last years, even decades, when properly maintained. When all is said and done, safety razors are not nearly as wasteful and are much more eco-friendly.

Precision, Accuracy, and Irritation

Something else that stands out about high-quality safety razors, when compared to disposable or cartridge razors, is that they provide a much better shave and a better result too. Cartridge razor blades often are not that sharp, and they can be uneven, resulting in an uneven shave that is not close to the skin at all.

Moreover, cartridge razors get dull really fast, and dullness does nobody any favors when shaving. On that same note, cartridge razors, and even worse, disposable razors, often cause severe skin irritation. The fact that they aren’t the best for a precise shave and for styling purposes is worth noting as well.

This is why people are switching to safety razors — they are just much better in virtually every respect. The blades are much sharper, finer, and more precise. This means that a safety razor is much better for getting a precise shave, for fades and specific styles, and much more. Safety razors produce a much closer shave, a better result, and they cause much less skin irritation than a generic supermarket razor.

Durability and Longevity

Yet another reason why people are switching from disposable and cartridge razors to safety razors has to do with longevity and durability. From an average cartridge razor, you can expect it to last maybe 6 months at best. Although these are designed for long-term use, because the cartridges can be replaced, they still are not very durable. They’re made out of cheap plastic and the manufacturing process does not include the epitome of quality control.

There is, of course, the disposable razor, with disposable of course being the exact opposite of longevity. If nothing else, it’s annoying to constantly have to buy new blades and razors.

This is not the case with safety razors. These are made out of high-quality metal, usually something like stainless steel, which is hard and won’t rust, or sometimes even out of titanium. Simply put, they are just much more durable and long-lasting. When maintained properly, a safety razor can last for decades. Sure, the blades need occasional replacement, but not nearly as often as a generic cartridge razor.

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It’s a Good Look

The other reason why people are switching to safety razors, although maybe not quite on the same level as the other 4 reasons,  is because they look a lot cooler. To anybody who has never used one, why shaving with a safety razor feels so awesome is very hard to explain. That said, it’s just a different feeling when you are holding a great looking, metal, weighty safety razor, vs. holding a cheap, flimsy, plastic, disposable razor.

It just feels better, not to mention that it looks much better. It produces a much better impression when a guest walks into the washroom and sees a shiny high-quality safety razor vs. some cheap and generic product bought at the local drugstore.


The bottom line is that there are plenty of reasons why people are switching to safety razors. They provide for a more precise shave, they produce a better result, they are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and yes, they do look pretty cool. The good news is you can get 50% off with The Bladsman Double Edge Safety Razor in Matte Black. Hurry!